(10 Pack) Lamps LED GLS 15W BC-B22d (100W Equivalent) 2700K Warm White Opal 1521lm BC Bayonet B22 Frosted Bright Multipack Light Bulbs – Crompton

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The GLS light bulb’s universal shape enables this value pack of 10 LED versions to retrofit directly into existing fixtures with minimum effort. They are distinctly more efficient than the incandescent versions they are designed to replace, consuming only 15W of power yet producing light of an equivalent brightness to 100W filament light bulbs. This remarkable efficiency – when considered alongside each light bulb’s vastly improved longevity and reliability – can potentially reduce your lighting bill by up to 90% whilst simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. With a frosted finish and thermal plastic casing this LED GLS light bulb dissipates heat more effectively than comparable materials, placing less strain on its components and thus extending its longevity even further. This results in a range of GLS light bulbs that is reliable, green, elegant and easy to install. Not suitable for dimming. Recommended for Indoor lighting use only. Features a BC-B22d bayonet (22mm) cap base. Also

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