(10 Pack) Lamps LED GU10 Spotlight 5.5W Long Barrel 74mm (50W Equivalent) 2700K Warm White 100° 330lm Long-Barrel Long-Necked Replacement Bulbs

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A value pack of 10x direct LED replacement for long barrel halogen GU10 spotlights. This LED long barrel GU10 light bulb is constructed from a thermal plastic body to mimic the shape and size of long neck a halogen GU10 lamp. Features the latest LED SMD (surface-mounted diode) technology. It shares the same long necked spotlight body, GU10 cap and frosted lens as its predecessor, and even delivers the same warm white light within a 100° beam angle. Despite the similarities, this long barrel LED GU10 spotlight light bulb is much more efficient and much more durable than its compact fluorescent or halogen brother. Where the LED lasts upwards of 25,000 hours and requires just 5.5W to produce 330 lumen a halogen long-barrel GU10 would consume 50W to produce the same level of brightness. The light bulb’s distinctive long-barrel design adds an additional 25mm to the length of its body, enabling it to fit deeper downlight fittings more comfortably than standard GU10 light bulbs. This long

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