18w Led Outdoor Wall Light With Motion Sensor Modern Waterproof Outdoor Wall Light 3000k Warm White Led Sconce Lamp

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[High-quality wall lamp] High-quality acrylic lampshade, with good light transmission and uniformity, and better light color. Beautiful and modern, suitable for various lifestyles, energy saving and environmental protection, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. [LED outdoor wall light with motion sensor] The detection angle is about 140, the range is about 8m. [IP65 protection degree] IP65 waterproof LED light outdoor wall light, ideal waterproof and rainproof, not easy to rust and corrode, durable. Used for terraces, villas, balconies, gardens, outdoor, etc. [Wall light simple installation] Loosen the screws, remove the frame, and fix the lamp body to the wall with screws ; line up the holes and place the frame into the lamp body. Screw.

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