2pcs 12W Indoor/Outdoor Wall Light IP65 Waterproof LED Wall Sconce Adjustable Down Light 3000K Warm White Wall Sconce for Passage Living Room and

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Features High quality COB LED lights; LED wall lights, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The indoor wall light is made of safe and reliable aluminum alloy. The watertightness index IP65 can also be used to l’ext The wall light with LED is made of a waterproof material, suitable for to indoor and outdoor use, such as living room, bedroom, hallway, balcony, etc. 12W wall lamp, sun blinds Built-in adjustable beam, can easily adjust the angle of light, compact square shape, effectively protect the wall surface of the lamp, make the whole wall and surrounding environment very ;s beautiful, LED chip is very energy efficient COB-energy saving, High efficiency, low power consumption. Wall light IP65 waterproof exterior The exquisite shell is made of aluminum and withstands corrosion. Our

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