30 W Plant Lamp E27 LED Full Spectrum 160 Degree Plant Spotlight without Cable LED Grow Lamp Plant Light Small with Red Blue Light E27 Grow Lamp for

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???Full spectrum???: the LED plant lamp full spectrum covers the full spectrum 380-840 nm, which is suitable for germination, growth, flowering, co.ukuit stage of plants. Consists of 40 LEDs of different wavelengths (22 red / 12 blue / 2 white / 2 UV / 2 IR). Appropriate ratio of red and blue light can improve the photosynthesis of plants and promote healthy plant growth. ???Good heat dissipation???: The E27 grow lamp has a stylish aluminium heat sink that helps the bulb dissipate heat quickly during work. A good heat dissipation system can extend the life of the lamp to 50,000 hours. With the help of plant lamp, the leaves of plants cannot sag in winter or in bad weather. ???Energy saving???: the E27 plant light is small and compact, 30W corresponds to the actual power consumption of 10W-12W, consume relatively little energy. Thanks to the LED technology, you save a lot of electricity compared to other bulbs. For the dark days really a good addition. ???Easy to install???: LED plant

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