9W E27 LED Bulb for Neon Party 395nm Black Light, Violet Ultraviolet Light, UV LED Black Light, Party Ultraviolet Light, Body Painting, Kids

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[Perfect choice for parties]: Perfect decoration for parties, neon parties, body art, nightclub, Halloween, DJ bars, parties, birthdays, etc. The use of UV paint and powder is a great way to make your unique event or party and attracting a large number of people, and UV black light and their combination are great! [Art application]: Body paint pigments and fluorescent pigments will glow under ultraviolet light. Therefore, it is very suitable for neon party, fancy dress party, body painting and creation artistic. Suitable for displaying fluorescent posters / paintings in the studio. UVA 395nm】 LED bulb, 270 degree black light, UVA wavelength range 320-400nm, main wave peak 395nm. This ultraviolet lamp emits a beautiful black light. It is very suitable for creating atmosphere for birthday parties children. [E27 UV lamp]: E27 base, black UV lamp with screw, easy to install. AC 85-265V, perfectly connected to the home lighting system.

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