Bearsu – LED bulb, E27 retro Edison LED retro bulb 4W ST64 bulb nostalgic antique decorative light warm white LED bulb, suitable for family

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Retro LED bulbs: bulbs, beautiful bulbs with a retro look, innovative bulbs based on the perfect combination of new LED technology and vintage bulbs. Clear crystal glass gives a romantic atmosphere and a sense of nostalgia. Innovative bulbs: Edison bulbs use high quality 4W LEDs, Edison retro lamps are made of amber glass, creating wonderful white light and hot. The standard model ST64 LED bulb with E27 socket ensures that the decorative retro lamp can be used for everyday lighting. Ideal decorative lighting: bulbs for chandeliers, soft and charming lighting inspired by the original Edison design. Wall lamps, desk lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, bedrooms and kitchens, industrial lighting, energy saving and environmental protection. Low energy consumption: using 4W retro LED bulbs, compared with traditional bulbs, it can save more than 80% of electricity bill. The average lifespan is around 20,000 hours. The LED bulb is a practical light source that is safe for the skin and the

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