Comely – Modern ceiling lamp with cold white led, creative black chandelier in the shape of a 75W flower, simple built out for living room office

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& nbsp; & agrave; About this article Source of lumen: environmental protection and eacute, energy, hard life of long life. The luminos are soft instead of blouissant. Life has to the point; 50,000 hours. During the installation and maintenance process, no bulb is required. mat & eacute; 100% & agrave; High quality: LED ceiling lights are made of aluminum and acrylic. Fill the coastal surface to obtain a greater r & acute; The white light, the applicable area is 10-16㎡. Application & eacute; Largely: the simple appearance of the artistic sensation of lanterns and lanterns. Comfortable light sources can grow a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a restaurant, an office, etc. easy & agrave; Install: The ceiling includes all the installation riel, followed our installation guide and finish a quick and simple glage. The fixed device has the nominal value of the CRI90 +, which can bring the light closer to the color of the object, so that you are more lively and pr & eacute; Service

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