Led Ceiling Light – 18W Motion Sensor Light with Infrared Detection, 120° Beam Angle, 1300LM 4000K White, Ceiling Lamp for Hallway, Hallway

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Wide Application With powerful functions and simple mounting ways, it is perfect for various positions, such as kitchen, stairs, hallway, garage, basement, balcony, bedroom, bathroom, closet, etc. 30000 Hour LEDs Included The lifespan can reach up to 30 years with 3 hours of use per day. Ultra-high Brightness This motion sensor light is designed to work effectively in extremely bright environments. 2 Modes Available Automatically turn on when someone approaches within 120 degree detection angle; automatically extend if there is no action for 30 seconds. Night mode – only lights up when detecting motion in the dark. Day mode – lights up every time when detecting motion. Simple Installation We offer fully equipped accessories, you can easily install the wired LED ceiling light by yourself within 5 minutes or less.

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