LED filament lamp E27 retro bulb G80G95G125 imitation tungsten filament LED creative bulb art

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【Vintage Edison G80 Bulb】 This vintage Edison bulb has retro design and unique round design which can create retro atmosphere in different rooms with soft warm colorful light. The retro bulb gently protects your eyes and lets you enjoy the beautiful retro vibe. 【High Quality】 Vintage Edison Bulb It is made by modern workshop, the material is 100% high quality glass, the average life is 20,000 hours, the heat is low, the electricity is saved, and the service life is long. Use a standard base that is suitable for most lighting applications. 【Safety and environmental protection】 When using the 220V voltage, the bulb has overload, short circuit and overheating protection functions, which can be used safely. 【Warm and comfortable】 Vintage Edison LED bulb adopts the color temperature of 2700K / 2200K, which can create a more pleasant atmosphere with a color rendering index of 70-80. This color temperature makes the color of the lamp more realistic, warm and romantic. Gives a feeling of

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