LED Garage Lights, Eleganted 80W 8000LM E27 Led Shop Light, Deformable Led Ceiling Light Bulbs 80 Watt Work Light 6500K for Workshop Kids Warehouse

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Deformable LED ceiling light 1. DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: This 80W shop light is made with premium alloy housing, stable and durable with maximum performance, over 10,000 hours of constant runtime greatly reduce maintenance cost. /p> 2. Bright and energy saving: 80W, 8000 lumens, 6500K cool light, no dark spots, ghosting or glare. Soft and energy efficient lighting. 3. Larger Lighting Area: Four LED panel heads can be adjusted, each light head can be bent up to 90°. This will allow the light to cover a wide area. The lighting is adjustable so you can angle the LEDs to shine where you want them. 4. Easy to Install: No tools required, no wiring and no professional electricians required, just screw in a medium base plug, it works. NO harmful substances such as mercury and lead, no radiation, 100% environmentally friendly, 100% safe and easy to install. 5. Wide Application: With an E27 medium base, it is an excellent replacement for conventional fluorescent fixtures for garages,

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