LED Lights E27 E14 New 5730 SMD LED Corn Lights Lamps AC220V 7W 12W 15W 20W 25W High Energy Saving Bulb Lamp for Home Lighting

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low carbon economy time, advocating energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection No ultraviolet rays and infrared radiation Good for health: no flickering, light soft, relieves visual fatigue; High light output and long life; Light color: warm white/white white/natural white Color temperature: 6000-6500K (cool white );2800-3500K (warm white) Consumption: 24LEDs (replace with a 7W compact fluorescent lamp); 30LEDS (replace with a 12W compact fluorescent lamp) ; 42ÉDS (replace with a compact fluorescent lamp of approximately 15W); 64ÉDS (replace a compact fluorescent lamp of approximately 20W); 80ÉDS (replace a compact fluorescent lamp of approximately 25W ); 89SLED (replace 30W CFL); 108 SLED (replace approx. 35W CFL) Lamp to fluorescent); 136SLED (replace approx 40W compact fluorescent lamp); 165 LED (replace approx 45W compact fluorescent lamp). Package Contents : 1xLED Lamp It usually takes 10-25 days to arrive from shipment to delivery. It is our greatest

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