LED Mural neon, neon -shaped game LED teaches, Néon Games Néon Games, Néon Murale Decoration USB LED Operated for Club, Bar, Decoration of Festival

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Cool gaming neon signs: neon lights are made of acrylic panel and PVC material. Neon neon lights are more beautiful than traditional glass neon lights. The bright colors are very lively and clear. It has absolutely incredible lair in Larcade or The games room. Play controller design: unique gamepad lights, hot lights and rich colors can illuminate a dark and dull room, making your room more attractive and interesting. Large LED neonons: The size of the neon is Denviron 41 x 27.5 cm/16 x 10.8 inches, which is larger than ordinary neon lights and gives off a living and colorful atmosphere. Wall neonons: there are suspension holes on both sides, and with 2 practical hooks to avoid slipping during the suspension, you can easily hang the led neon lights on the wall and to a leatagation, the computer room, the computer room , is also An excellent gift as a best choice gift. USB power supply: LED neon lights use a USB power supply (connection to the PC/charger), with Linterrupteur on/off.

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